Street Survival Tactics

Self Defense Course Introduction


This course has been taught and revised over the past 32 years based on changes in technology, society, crime, social and political patterns. We first started teaching Tae Kwon Do in 1974 and now focus on Self Defense Tactics to protect you and your family.

Beginning strictly as a hand-to-hand street defensive course for men, women and children, the program became much more advanced with firearms training, home defensive tactics, dog training, alarm systems, land navigation and wilderness survival to name a few.

Customized programs were designed for individuals, groups and corporations facing a particular threat or need. These courses included programs tailored for very young children in an area of the Northeast that were dealing with a child predator in their neighborhood, to a woman’s rape prevention class for a major fast food restaurant, and even ultra-advanced training for F.B.I. and State Police SWAT teams and Special Reaction Teams at maximum security prisons.

The S.A.S. high speed introductory component of the course was designed to be presented in an extremely tight time frame for individuals that needed specific survival skills quickly. Some examples would be students leaving home for their first year of college, a couple going abroad for a dream vacation in a foreign country, or a businessman making a trip to a major U.S. city with high crime rates.

Street Survival Tactics was conceived as a response to the cold realization that the world is not such a safe place anymore, and evil does exist.

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